Monday, November 25, 2013

Day one of blogging :)

Ok well, todays has been really slow. For everyone that does not know me, my name is Christina Begay and I am 19 years. I'm in college and trying to keep up with everything. Like most people, I have alot of haters and I have a few people who do honestly love me for me. I am Native American hertiage and i love it. I'm dating a Marine that I love more than anything. I like to be funny but when it time for business thats all I am. I love taking picture because pictures say a thousand words. I love monster energy drinks. I dont like to party or clubbing. I enjoy drawing. My favorite food is junk food specificly hot cheetos :) I am a very fun person to hang out with until you piss me off then I can be a bitch. I love all kinds of music. well for now thats all about me :)

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